An Evening with Kikki K

Imagine: a room full of women, nervously holding glasses of Prosecco, surrounded by complete strangers (and arguably the most beautiful stationery in the world.) Women, each with a head full of dreams. Now imagine, the guest speaker saying: “Which of you would be willing to share your biggest dream with the group?”


But we did.

One by one, women started raising their hands and sharing their dreams and hopes for the future.

To start a foundation for girls

To connect work-at-home mums with each other

To strive for balance as a mum and entrepreneur

To be asked as the keynote speaker at a notable London social media conference


There were so many- so varied and all so inspiring.

I was lucky enough to be a guest at An Evening With Kikki K hosted by the Big Small Business network.That guest speaker who got us all talking, was Kristina Karlsson, founder of global stationery brand Kikki K.  

Kristina is what I’d call a Professional Dreamer- she makes her dreams a reality. For her, it was an idea at 3am that she turned into one of the most desirable stationery brands with stores all over the world.

“Write your dreams down- even the smallest ones”, she encouraged us, “and then list the seven steps you need to take to make that dream a reality.” Could it really be that simple?

Big Small Business co-founder and blogger Monica Beatrice Welburn agrees it can be. She talked about macro to micro lists- where you take the big actions that you’ve written down, and then list several smaller actions. It could be as simple as opening your laptop, going into your contacts and drafting an email.

“Do that with the small dreams as well as the big ones” brand owner and Big Small Business co-founder Laura Turner told us. “It all adds up to you working towards your goals.”

There’s something about being in the presence of Professional Dreamers that makes you realise that those goals you’re striving for are actually achievable- and it all starts with a piece of paper. All three of these incredible women started not with investor capital or corporate backers, but simply an idea they believed in.

There was even a dream board present that evening, where we wrote down our current dreams. From taking your small business into the black, to fitting in more me-time around young children. Kristina even had a tip on this!

“Something I tell entrepreneurs is to get up earlier. Many people say they are night owls. They stay up late scrolling through social media- and then wonder why they feel tired and sluggish the next day, unable to work effectively.

I usually get up around 5. I journal, I exercise, I think and plan. Then whatever my day turns out like, I have had some quality me-time already.”

(Kikki K are even brining out a whole product line based on this habit called Morning Miracle- you heard it here first!)

And Kristina was as a lovely in person when I spoke to her about the future of RockPaperRoses as she was to the group. “Network more”, she told me. “Find groups of women with similar goals and ambitions and share yours with them. Support is really important to growing a business.”

Laura Turner, who is also in retail suggested I focus not on follower numbers but on our brand. “Make it truly authentic and people will be drawn to you”, she said.

So from writing it down, to listing actions....let me grab my notebook....

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