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5 jewellery mistakes to avoid

From knowing whether you are wearing allergy free jewellery to understanding sustainable jewellery, to wearing statement jewellery the right way, check out our guide on jewellery mistakes to avoid

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How to care for your jewellery

All jewellery needs a little care and attention to keep it looking it's best. Follow our care advice and you'll maintain the shine and quality of your RockPaperRoses for years to come. Our jewellery is cadmium, lead, and nickel free and it's also hypoallergenic. That means it's kind to the environment and to your skin- unless you have an extreme allergy and can only wear solid gold. Avoid contact with waterAlways remove your jewellery before showering and bathing, or using saunas and steam rooms. Even with sterling silver and real gold can be dulled over time due to a build-up of chalk contained in water, residue from soaps and shower gels and steam.NEVER wear your jewellery in swimming pools- the chlorine in the...

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