Nominate an NHS worker in our Gift- Away!

Nominate an NHS worker

It's just the smallest of gestures, but hopefully one that will make someone smile.
This is way of saying thank you to the NHS. For the late nights, the long days and the incredible risks that NHS workers are taking on our behalf.

How it works

Email us at with the full name and the official NHS email address of the person you are nominating. We will pick one winner at random and reply to them with a personalised voucher code for £30 worth of jewellery and free postage. We will only use their email address to contact them if they have won.

We will also reply to you with your very own 15% off voucher code plus free postage- our thanks to you for all do in supporting this special person.
We also want to say huge thank you for ALL of our frontline workers. You are literally the backbone of society right now and we love and appreciate you so much!
Good luck! x