2020 Appropriate Christmas Jewellery Styling Ideas

We know that Christmas is going to look different this year- but there’s no reason that you should look any different! Christmas is always a great excuse to add some sparkle to your look, but we also know that dressing up and making an effort with yourself is known to have mental health benefits. And we need plenty of that feel-good factor after the year we’ve had!

I’ve put together five 2020 appropriate Christmas jewellery styling ideas for you to try out and have some fun with.

  1. Going For A Walk

The traditional post-Christmas lunch walk takes on a whole new meaning this year, with all the public health advice around being outdoors. So if you’re meeting (up to six!) friends for a festive stroll around the park or going for a family walk on Boxing Day, you can still dress up and make it special- just because you’re bundled up in a puffa jacket and beanie hat, there’s no reason to skip the jewellery.

Add in a pair of large hoop earrings- the bigger the better! They peak out from under your beanie and look super glam. Or put a statement necklace on over your jumper to sit just under the collar of your roll neck with your coat slightly open. Our Marissa Sunburst Pendant Necklace sits perfectly in place for this jumper look, and we have a great new range of large hoop earrings for you to check out.

Marissa Sunburst Pendant Necklace
Marissa Sunburst Pendant Necklaces £24

2. Friendmas

We all love a Christmas girls’ night out, drinking cocktails and swapping Secret Santa gifts. You can still do this on Zoom- get your cocktails in and post your gifts out ahead of time.

This is your opportunity to go all-out glam with a sequined top, some great statement earrings and…er well that’s it because no one will see your bottom half anyway! But make it glam, super-sparkly and on-trend. Statement earrings are your go-to piece for this look along with a killer red lip. Try our Gold Chain Link Earrings for a really bold statement look.

Gold Chain Link Earrings
Gold Chain Link Statement Earrings £20

3. Christmas Dinner

There may not be as many people around your Christmas dinner table this year, but it’s still the main event. Let’s not lament the people we can’t be with, but really appreciate the ones we’ve shared this strange and often difficult year with.

So put on your best clobber, don your favourite jewellery and enjoy. Our Champagne Star Earrings are a must for Christmas Day- they're the most festive piece of jewellery you could own!

Champagne Star Earrings
Champagne Star Earrings from £16
Rainbow Star Earrings also available

4. Work Zoom Christmas Party

Once again, you’re dressing your top half only- the fashion story of 2020! And it’s a work call so keep your sartorial standards high, just add in some understated glam- more than you normally would for the Zoom team meeting.

Our ear climbers work great for this look. They’re sparkly, elegant and so on-trend. Add in some lip gloss and a couple of layered necklaces to complete the look.

No regrets in office the next morning, I promise!

5. Boxing Day

The lull after the Christmas storm. Today is the day to chill in your co-ord lounge wear set and add in the jewellery you were gifted for Christmas of course! Why not road test those news pieces?!

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