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5 jewellery mistakes to avoid

From knowing whether you are wearing allergy free jewellery to understanding sustainable jewellery, to wearing statement jewellery the right way, check out our guide on jewellery mistakes to avoid

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5 Ways to Up your Jewellery Game this Christmas

There are so many ways to be creative with your jewellery and put together truly individual looks. From layering and stacking jewellery that creates a personalised look to helping you find the focal point in your outfit with one simple styling tip; our guide this month will up your jewellery game!

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Autumn Jewellery Styling for Cool & Warm Tones

Autumn styling is usually associated with warm tone colours like oatmeal, burnt orange and burgundy. These colours lend themselves perfectly to warm toned metals, gold and rose gold. But what if you’re someone who loves silver jewellery? How do you accessorise with cool toned metals in a season of warm colours? This month we’re going to break down Autumn jewellery styling for both warm and cool tones so you make an effortless seasonal wardrobe switch!

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