What metal suits my skin tone?


Millennial gold is really having a moment. And with the Duchess of Sussex sporting a gold engagement ring and wedding band, it’s easy to see why so many are shunning the popularity of silver in favour of warmer toned metals.

But does gold really work with your skin tone? What about rose gold?

To help you work out which metal works best against which skin tone and colouring, I've put together this guide.


Fair skin with red undertones 

Silver, platinum, white gold and pearls are a great choice for this skin tone- they will look so fresh on very pale skin, especially if you also have pale or blonde hair. Rose gold will most likely accentuate the pink undertone in your skin, so go by how much pink or redness you show.

Fair with pale undertones 

Contrary to what many fair skinned people think, if you have pale undertones you can wear gold! Opt for 9kt or 14kt gold and your skin won’t appear pasty or sallow. 18kt gold has a much warmer yellow tone to it and this can make this tone look washed out, so try to avoid it. Silver will also be great on very pale skin tones.

Lightly tanned, olive or Mediterranean skin 

You lucky thing! Pretty much any metal and jewel tone would look great on you- this is down to the fact that you have a neutral undertone to your skin. So go ahead and have fun with lots of different colours and styles.

Arabic, fair African and dark African skin 

Once again, either gold, rose gold or silver can look fantastic on you, but some delicate silver jewellery can look a bit lost on darker skin. Gold will look really striking on you too.

South-east Asian skin 

As you many of you know, this happens to be to my skin tone. Similar to our lightly tanned sisters, most metal and jewel tones look great on our skin. Rose gold brings a softness to our skin tone, while classic 18kt or even 22kt gold will look fantastic. Silver, platinum and white gold offer a slightly more pared back look so you can layer lots of pieces without looking blingy. We can pretty much ride most jewellery trends so really it comes down to personal choice.

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And that brings me to my final point. In the end, the only rule that really governs jewellery choice is “how much do I love it?” It doesn’t matter whether it’s Instagramable or trendy, if you love it, then go for it. Usually we each have great instincts as to what works with our particular colouring, so always let that be your guide.

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