Caring for your jewellery

Your Rock Paper Roses jewellery will need a little care and attention to keep it looking it's best. Follow our care advice to maintain their quality and shine over time.

Hand Sanitising Gel

Hand sanitisers containing 70% or more alcohol can in some cases strip the plating off your jewellery. This is not a reflection on the quality of the jewellery, it is the high alcohol content. This is particularly noticeable with gold plated jewellery. For more information, read our blog post How to Care for your Jewellery during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Avoid contact with water
Always remove your jewellery before showering and bathing, or using saunas and steam rooms. Even sterling silver and real gold can be dulled over time due to a build-up of chalk contained in water and residue from soaps, shower gels and steam.
NEVER wear your jewellery in swimming pools- the chlorine in the water can react with the metal and cause colour change, and in some cases even cause structural change. The same goes for swimming in the sea- the salt will seriously affect the colour and shine of the metal.

Put your jewellery on after applying your makeup and perfume
Makeup, cosmetics, moisturiser, deodorants and perfume all contain chemicals that can damage the shine and surface of metals. Limit your jewellery’s exposure to these harsh chemicals by putting it on after you’ve finished getting ready.

Use a silver or gold polishing cloth for cleaning
Professional jewellery cleaning cloths are designed to bring out the best in the metal. We recommend using one rather than tissue or other cloths. Tissue often contains fibres that can scratch the surface of the metal, while some cloths contain fluff that can snag on the corners of jewellery.

We recommend the Connoisseurs Jewellery Polishing Cloth. It has two layers- one for removing dirt and tarnish, the other to buff and polish your jewellery. We’ve used it for years and swear by it.

When not in use, store your jewellery in a box or soft cloth bag, to limit its exposure to dust, heat and other environmental factors.