How do I layer necklaces?

Layering necklaces is big news this season. But how do you create this look without looking completely mismatched?

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It's about creating balance- balancing the right necklace lengths, pendant shapes, materials and colours effectively.

You're aiming for a graduated look so varying the necklace lengths here is key. Start with a longer necklace either with or without a pendant of around 55 to 60 cms. Then add in small to medium pendants with chains that are around 50 -to 40cm. (All of our necklaces have the chain lengths detailed on the product description, if you're confused about chain lengths). 

Try mixing delicate pendants with longer chains for a really interesting look. You can even double up on long chains to add a bit of texture. 

What about mixing metals here? It's really down to personal choice. 8kt and 14kt gold can work really well with silver, as the tone of gold isn't too yellow. Rose gold works really well with brighter gold tones. 

Chokers are brilliant for creating layers and adding interest. Metal chokers look really chic this season. Our Zahra multi row necklace instantly gives you that look!

Or you could use a fabric choker in addition to your metal necklace. Add a simple, single strand choker or combine an interesting pretty choker such as our Fiore choker with a delicate pendant such as our Chevron necklace. Wear this look with a Bardot top for an evening look.

However you style it, the great thing about layering necklaces is that it creates a look that is truly yours. No one else will show up to the party with the same accessories! So go for it- mix it up and have some fun!

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