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Autumn Jewellery Styling for Cool & Warm Tones

Autumn styling is usually associated with warm tone colours like oatmeal, burnt orange and burgundy. These colours lend themselves perfectly to warm toned metals, gold and rose gold.

But what if you’re someone who loves silver jewellery? How do you accessorise with cool toned metals in a season of warm colours?

This month we’re going to break down Autumn jewellery styling for both warm and cool tones so you make an effortless seasonal wardrobe switch!

How to work out your colour palette

Colour styling basically comes down to the blue base/ yellow base colour system.

Naturally, whatever your skin tone, hair and eye colour, we all fall into one of these two undertones, blue or yellow. 

Take a look at the colours below and notice which row you are drawn to most. There may be colours you like and dislike from each row so make sure to look at one row at a time.

yellow base colour science
blue base colour science

The yellow base colours are basically warmer tones that are best suited to gold and rose gold. If on the other hand you’re drawn to the blue base row, you’re a silver jewellery gal.

Autumn Styling Colours for Silver Jewellery

So here is a basic colour palette of cool toned colours, all with a blue undertone. For an Autumnal wardrobe, think grey, blue, black, green and purple/violet

cool tone colour palette

Your favourite silver jewellery will go great with any of these colours.

Cool Tone fashion styling and accessories
 Shop the look: large Authentic Hoops, Lena Rectangle Pendant Necklace, Terese Figaro Chain

But if you’re wondering how to create that really warm autumnal look without making your silver jewellery look washed out, burgundy is your bonus Autumn colour here!

Also associated with the colour of red wine- think claret or Bordeaux, burgundy is not to be confused with maroon which has red undertones. Think of the rich brown tone of a conker; maroon is just a step away.

So go to town with burgundy if you want a warmer feel. Just think: black pleather leggings with a fitted, rich burgundy roll neck. This would work great with a piece like our large silver Authentic Hoops or our chunky Silver Callie Charm Bracelet laid over the sleeve. Or how about our Silver Leona Dangly Pearl Hoop Earrings? The pearl adds an extra depth to your look!

Autumn Styling Colours for Warm Jewellery

This is really your season for styling and accessorising so have fun with it. Chances are you already love all the mustard yellows, burnt oranges, warm beiges and khaki greens that dominate fashion this time of year.

warm tone colour palette

Because these colours are somewhat on the muted side (as opposed to a vibrant red for example) try experimenting with bolder gold statement pieces like our Gold Chain Link Earrings or layer our Terese Figaro Chain with the Marissa Sunburst Pendant Necklace for a statement neck wear look.

Warm Tone fashion styling and accessories flatlay

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My bonus tip to you is to try adding in other warm toned metals or stones. Freshwater pearls which have a natural warmth to them are perfect such as our Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace. And of course don’t forget that other warmed toned metal, rose gold, perfect against an oatmeal or chocolate brown tone.

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