jewellery tips perfect for your Zoom call

5 Jewellery tips perfect for your Zoom call

We're all embracing loungewear as our lockdown standard, comfort being a top priority. You might even be tempted not to bother putting on your jewellery ‘just to stay at home’. But according to Dr Derek Watson, associate professor in cultural management at the University of Sunderland, we need to balance that feeling with “the psychological effect of wearing it and the importance of the feel-good factor right now”. 

Well, we need the feel-good factor in abundance don’t we? So whether you’re FaceTiming your parents, doing vino night with the girls on Houseparty or your weekly team meeting via Zoom, our jewellery tips will have you looking- and feeling- your best.

1. Statement Earrings

Can’t be bothered to put on a smart top for your weekly team catch up? Just  add in some fabulous statement earrings. They will instantly elevate and polish your look.

Star statement earrings


2. Dainty Necklaces

A delicate beautiful necklace always makes you look a bit more put together even with the most casual of lounge wear. A lovely chain layered over a plain t-shirt or jumper can look so elegant.

Or if you want to look really on trend for your Houseparty girls night, why not create a layered look by stacking a couple of simple necklaces together?

dainty star necklace

3. Reminder Jewellery

It’s hard to avoid the conversations around the Coronavirus isn’t it? Those conversations coupled with all the news content can alter your mood drastically. Bring yourself back into the moment with a little reminder. And if it’s a pretty reminder, that’s even better.

Touch on the charm on our charm bracelets and remind yourself to breathe. Or if you want an inspirational mantra to focus on, you can use our Sentiment Bracelets and remind yourself that there is still beauty in the world.

4. Understated Glam

Your Friday night Prosecco meet up with the girls deserves something a little bit special- you’ve made it through the week! This is one of those Zoom calls that you will make an effort for!

Add in some tinted lip balm and our Ear Climbers as the finishing touch. They are pure understated glam, and everyone will be asking you where you got them from!

dainty ear climbers

Bonus tip:

Stud Earrings

This is a jewellery basic I swear by. I believe every jewellery collection should contain a pair of high quality, stunning minimal studs. They look beautiful, they are versatile and make you look a bit more put together whatever the occasion.

Add them to a statement necklace to keep the focus on your neckline, use them to sparkle up jeans and a t-shirt, or pop them on when you just want to look a bit polished without making a lot of effort.


classic minimal stud earrings

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