7 Rules for Wearing Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery is designed to be fun. It’s a chance to break away from your everyday style, and an excuse to add some colour and sparkle without looking over-dressed. So when you’re planning your outfit for your night out, don’t let your jewellery be an afterthought! Either select a statement piece and plan your outfit around it, or make some well-coordinated pieces work with the look you are going for.

  1. Choose your focal point

This is a good place to start if you are feeling unsure. Choose one piece as the focal point of your accessories. An interesting necklace or a stack of bracelets? Chandelier earrings or a cocktail ring? If you’ve got a jewellery item in mind, it then makes choosing an outfit much easier, as you can coordinate colour, sleeve lengths and necklines (more about this later) accordingly. In fact if you choose well, your jewellery can become the focal point of your whole look. It’s important to remember that wherever you place your statement jewellery is where the eye will be drawn to. So if you’re in between manicures, probably best to avoid the cocktail ring! On the other hand, if you’ve just had your hair done, go for statement earrings.


  1. Consider your outfit style

Another idea is to look at your outfit. Long or bell sleeves don’t suggest stacking bracelets, whereas short sleeves or a sleeveless outfit do. Scooped necklines, off-the-shoulder, v-neck or strapless work best for an interesting necklace such as choker or a bib necklace. However, you can lay a bib necklace over a crew neck, particularly if you’re wearing a neutral or block colour on your top half. You can also wear a cuff over a long sleeve. If your arms are bare, then why not consider a cocktail ring? 

  1. Ideas for necklaces

Let’s talk about statement necklaces. The bib necklace (yes that’s its name) was a big trend a few years ago. These were usually large, brightly coloured necklaces that sat across the chest like a bib. Worn correctly they can be a beautiful and interesting focal point. But this is one to avoid if you are on the shorter side, as they can create an overwhelming look that weighs you down. These days there are lots of other ways to wear a statement necklace. Layering necklaces is one technique if you are wearing scoop neckline or vest top. There are so many pretty chokers on the market too, and as they are the comeback jewellery queen, it quickly updates your look. A more delicate, stunning pendant necklace can still make a statement- check out some of ours. The great thing about these are that they’ll never look top heavy but will draw attention.

  1. Arm Candy

There are so many options for dressing bare arms. Particularly if you’re holding a wine glass for a lot of the time, it won’t be missed! Mix together a stack of interesting bracelets. Aim to keep the metals in similar tones: silver works best on its own, while yellow and rose gold look lovely together. You can add in one or two simple beaded bracelets as an accent. A charm bracelet with a stack of simple bracelets always looks lovely. There are some really lovely cuffs on the market which work beautifully with most outfits. A stack of coloured Indian bracelets would work well with an LBD or other neutral block tones. Keep arm jewellery bold and interesting, and it will still make a statement which cannot be missed.

  1. Choosing earrings

Are you wearing your hair up or down? Straight or curly? It might sound unnecessarily complicated, but these are some great guidelines if you’re considering chandelier earrings. Larger earrings are the first thing people notice when they approach you. So if earrings are your statement then why not consider keeping your hairstyle quite simple? Aim for either poker straight or soft simple waves. Alternatively an up-do will draw all the attention to your face and subsequently those ear lobes. If you can’t bare the thought of chandelier earrings due to the Pat Butcher subtext, there have been some great additions to earring styles this year. Ear crawlers, ear jackets, tassle earrings, the single earring trend- there are some great new ways to make earrings your focal point.

  1. Rings, nails, and colours

Samantha Jones in Sex and the City was never without a cocktail ring (and why not?!) Oversized rings were a big trend ten years ago, but honestly this is statement look that will never go out of style. Do remember to get a manicure or even just tidy up your nails if you’re short for time. While a neutral coloured polish would undoubtedly work the best with a colourful cocktail ring, there’s no reason why brightly coloured nails wouldn’t also look great- just make sure not to clash colours. The only specific rule with oversized rings is to stick to just wear one, and wear it on the opposite hand to your wedding and engagement ring, if you wear one.


  1. Less is always more

You’ve heard it said before, and it definitely applies here. To play it safe, stick to one bold piece. You’ll never fail with this rule as your statement piece will be able to shine. However, if you are feeling confident you could pair a bib necklace with a cuff, or chandelier earrings with a cocktail ring. When bold pieces are not close in proximity to each other, they can work together. Just be careful to coordinate metals and colours.

So go create some drama with your statement piece. And enjoy your night out!

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