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5 Ways to Up your Jewellery Game this Christmas

You don't need lots of outfits or an extensive wardrobe this party season!There are so many ways to be creative with your jewellery and put together truly individual looks. 

From layering and stacking jewellery to helping you find the focal point in your outfit with one styling tip; our guide this month will up your jewellery game this Christmas.

Create layers and stacks

The reason that stacking and layering jewellery works is because it’s interesting. You’re creating a look that no one else can, using your choice of jewellery pieces.

gold layered necklaces

Work with your neckline to create an effective layered look

Play around with contrasting necklace lengths. Start with a base piece like a short pendant necklace or a chain and then add in longer pendant necklaces or chains. You can match this look to your neckline. Think: round or v-neck top?

The key to a good arm stack is to vary up the styles so they don’t all sit on top of each other. Use a combination of bangles, charm bracelets and chain bracelets.

Ear stacking is a real trend amongst millennials at the moment. If you don’t have multiple piercings, why not mimic this look by wearing huggie earrings and adding in an ear cuff? Or try one of our ear climbers which only require one piercing!

Ear climbers

Our ear climbers only need one ear piercing!

Know when to stop

Coco Chanel famously said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory.”

This rule will stop your overall look being too cluttered. If you’re layering lots of necklaces perhaps reconsider the stack of bracelets. Likewise, bold statement earrings never need further embellishment, so maybe combine them with an understated pendant necklace or elegant chain.

What’s the focus: jewellery or clothing?

It's easy to throw everything at Christmas styling- after all it's the season of glitz and glam right? But having a focal point makes your look all the more put together.

You can elevate a really simple look by adding in statement jewellery. Jeans and a top go from pretty to ordinary to stylish just by adding a statement necklace.

If you’re wearing a bold print dress or top you won’t want it to compete for attention with heavy jewellery, so keep your accessories simple.

So just choose: statement outfit or statement jewellery?

Experiment with mixing metals

Controversial I know. Mixing metals has become much more popular and can look really stylish and unique. The way to make it work is to combine metal and stone colours that compliment each other rather than compete. Try two metal tones together such as silver and gold, or rose gold and silver.

mixed metal stacking bracelets

Combine rose gold and silver for a soft mixed metals look

Always do you!

We’re all influenced by fashion trends to some extent and that’s ok. But never let them boss you around! Pick and choose fashion trends and styling tips that work for your individual style and budget. Work out what makes you feel confident and the most like ‘you’ and you’ll always wear it with style.

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