how to work from home during lockdown

How to work from home during lockdown

And just like that, (most of us) are working from home.

As someone who has worked from home for the last six years, I know how important routine is to your productivity. Throw into the mix homeschooling, getting groceries and our one form of exercise...well how does it all come together?

Here are my tips on creating a healthy, realistic routine while we're on lockdown.

  • Get dressed! Have a shower and put on something clean. Staying in your pjs all day will leave you feeling unmotivated, and frankly like you want to go back to bed!
  • Put on a few pieces of simple dainty jewellery. Well that's just a normal part of getting dressed isn't it?
  • Makeup may seem pointless, but again for most of us it's a normal part of our day and sticking to normality tells your brain everything is, well normal. Consider a BB cream or tinted moisturiser that take a few seconds to apply after or instead of face cream. All the supermarkets sell these so you can add it to your grocery shop. Add in some lip balm and a two- second slick of mascara and you're good to go!
  • Many of us are homeschooling as well as working, which is a quite a balancing act. If your partner is at home too, consider taking alternate days where you each oversee your children, giving you each a few guaranteed quieter days. 
  • If it's just you, set time slots that are specifically for the children and others that are for you, during which the kids have some down with activities they can (hopefully) get on with independently.
  • Get moving. We have days here where I feel tempted to skip this one, but the difference it makes to all of us is real. The best way is to stick to a daily time. For us it's 3pm when my daughter finishes her schoolwork. We usually go to the park at the end of our road. If going out isn't an option then PE with Joe Wicks is honestly so so fab!
  • Be kind to yourself. There will be days this all goes out the window and very little gets done. It really doesn't matter. These are strange and unusual times and the main focus is our collective wellbeing- that's why we're in lockdown! As the saying goes, "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it".

Take care of yourselves, 

Riyaza x




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