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Jewellery Styling for Loungewear

In the first lockdown, I quite diligently put on my makeup and jewellery everyday. There was a sense last March/April that we were waiting something out but all would be back to normal soon, so why do anything differently?

Almost a year on though, the Groundhog Day references are becoming all too real. So if you’re someone who’s stopped brushing their teeth sometimes, only washing your hair when it’s ready to fry chips in and never ever putting on makeup or jewellery; I’m here to tell you (along with the experts) that there are known mental health benefits to making an effort with your appearance. 

Get Dressed- but Go One Step Further

Combine a nice top or smart sweatshirt with some joggers or leggings, ie, comfy on the bottom, smart(ish) on the top. But the finishing touch is to add in one accessory- just one. It elevates your overall look and tells your brain you’re ready for the day.

Reminder Jewellery

No end in sight to school closures, countless new Covid variants, the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore. The news ain’t good is it? So if you find yourself stuck in a bad news vortex, try using a piece of reminder jewellery to bring yourself back to the present.

Sunburst Pendant Necklace
Try using a statement or bracelet charm as a touch point to bring you back in the moment

This could be a charm bracelet or pendant necklace. Touch the charm a remind yourself to stop, breathe and take your focus away from negative thinking. You could go one step further by mentally naming three things you’re grateful for. 

Treat Video Calls like a Social Event

Because for now, video is our social life. It may seem silly putting on makeup to sit in front of the computer, but the little touches are visible on camera.

  • Skip the muted makeup- it won’t show up, even if you’re wearing a full face of products
  • Opt instead for some concealer under your eyes, a quick swipe of bronzer, some mascara and a bold lip. This last step is what brings this minimal makeup look together- a bright lipstick lifts your whole face
  • Avoid hair clips, add in a statement earring. Because you are facing the camera the whole time and rarely turning your head your earrings are all they see
  • If it’s a work meeting go for a midi hoop or midi sized earring to keep it professional

Wintry Walks

As we’re leaving the house so rarely now, why not add in some accessories when you do go out? A large hoop earring, a statement pendant, don’t forget them! These larger statement jewellery pieces are visible from under a hat or an open jacket.

Large Hoop Earrings
Add in some large hoops to peak out from under your hat


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