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As the founder and creative vision behind a jewellery company, I find that people are interested in the jewellery I wear. Where did you get that from? Is a it Rock Paper Roses piece? are some of the questions I get asked.

I do wear a lot of our jewellery all the time- as I hand picked each design, I totally believe in each piece. But I never limit myself when it comes to styling an outfit. I'm always interested in great jewellery design so I'm always on the lookout for really unique fashion accessories and stylish jewellery.

It was an aquamarine green and blue enamel flower necklace from Accessorize that started my passion for jewellery and accessorising. It was given to me by some girlfriends as part of my 18th birthday present. I've been a lover and collector of jewellery ever since!

These days my 'second skin jewellery'- the pieces I wear everyday, include my wedding and engagement rings and my rose gold Marc Jacobs watch.

Statement Jewellery

I always add one item of statement jewellery to my look. Whether that's an interesting necklace or some on-trend ear crawlers, I always wear one item of jewellery that draws the eye. 

Another look I'm loving this season is layering necklaces. I'd tried and failed in the past to get this look right, until I realised the layered necklace look is about creating balance with different shaped-pendants and the right graduations of necklace lengths. 

So I've been layering the Pandora Floating Locket that my husband got me for my birthday, with the Rock Paper Roses Love is The Thing necklace. I love contrasting the round locket with the rectangular pendant- I think it adds interest to a plain summer tee.

Layering necklaces Rock Paper Roses

In addition to my love of bold statement earrings and stud earrings, I've been loving ear climbers.

I love that they add interest to a day-time look by peeking discretely out from behind my hair. They're a great piece of statement jewellery, and give a look of understated glam!

Ear Climbers

Jewellery is about expression- of your personal style, of the season we're in or even your mood that day. Above all have fun with it, experiment, add shapes and different coloured metals. The rules are: it's all about you.

Riyaza x

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