Statement Earrings to Wear Right Now

Statement Earrings to Wear Right Now

They're such a mainstay in any jewellery collection. Statement earrings add polish. They're the one item you can grab to quickly elevate your outfit, especially as you're about to jump on a Zoom meeting. Having a good selection of statement earrings in different styles and shapes is essential to stylish- and quick- accessorising.

We’ve been scouring fashion sources to bring you a round up of all the essential statement earring styles.

1. Double Hoops

Hoops are an essential style in any season, but this year we’re seeing an updated take on the classic silhouette in the form of the double hoop. May we offer you one better, our Triple Hoop Earrings?!

Triple Hoop Earrings

Triple Hoop Earrings, also available in silver, £21

2. Next Level Hoops

Then there’s the over sized and statement hoop! Because why go big when you can go bigger?

Double Circle Hoop Earrings

Kora Gold Hoop Earrings, only available in Large, £20. Also available in silver


3. Novelty Shapes

Gold Chain Link Earrings

Gold Chain Link Earrings, £23

As we’re finally stepping out of loungewear and looking to dress up again, we’re seeing that our customers are looking to have fun again with their jewellery. From our Chain Link Statement Earrings to our Champagne Star Earrings and Rainbow Star Earrings, novelty earring shapes are fun and reflect a joyful mood.

4. Sparkly

Another way to have fun is to add some sparkle with your jewellery, even if you go minimal with it, as with our Lara Safety Pin Earrings. They’re subtle enough to add them to jeans and a t-shirt, sparkly to get asked “wow, where did you get your earrings from, I love them?!”

 Safety Pin Earrings UK

Lara Safety Pin Earrings, £23


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