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The inspiration behind our jewellery collection

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Our jewellery is a curated collection of handpicked designs.

I work with suppliers and jewellery manufacturers who send me sheets of their jewellery designs. From this I pick the designs that speak to me the most and fit with our jewellery ethos: dainty and minimal fashion jewellery with room to add in statement pieces. 

But how do I pick jewellery designs? What- and who- inspires me? 

I pull my inspiration from a variety of sources- bloggers, magazines, street style. It's always worth keeping your eyes open! And of course I always take these ideas and put my own individual stamp on them. Here are a few key sources of my inspiration.

Social Media

I use social media mainly to keep up with the shapes, styles, metals, colours and styling methods that are current. Social media is really the best place to see what’s trending.

Instagram and YouTube are my go-to platforms. A few accounts I’ve been loving this year are Samantha Maria, Tasha Green, Estee Lalonde and I Covet Thee. They all have different styles but mainly I love a combination of their edginess and minimal chic style.

Style Icons

Whoever your favourite fashion icon is, it's worth taking note of their style, as they are being dressed and styled by people who work at the cutting edge of fashion.

Meghan Markle style
The Duchess of Sussex has been a key source of inspiration to me over the last two years. I love how everything she wears is elegantly understated- lots of clean lines, neutral colours. Her jewellery style likewise is very delicate and feminine. She wears a lot of delicate necklaces, tiny earrings often in a geometric shape, and usually a simple single bangle on her wrist.

Victoria Beckham is my other style icon of late. Her style is a lot more tailored and sharp, even slightly androgynous in her menswear style tailoring. The thing I love the most about her is how she will style up a very simple chic look with one pop of colour or key accessory. This is a personal trick of mine!

I do believe everyone should have a style muse. This is not about simply copying someone else’s look straight off the page, but taking inspiration from the way an outfit is put together and the overall effect.

Street Style

I’m always looking at what people are wearing when I’m out and about particularly when I’m in Central London. I find it fascinating to see what trends and key accessories people have picked up on and what styles seem to dominate. The hairband, layered necklace look and bias cut skirts are everywhere this summer! Likewise I like to spot unusual trends and accessories, again keeping an eye out for any shapes, styles, designs or metals I can incorporate into new collections.

My Style

I think it’s interesting to observe the accessories and styles you reach for when you’re strapped for time or feeling uninspired. These go-to pieces are basically your statement style. I noticed that I often reach for just one statement piece of jewellery like our Authentic Hoops or Rainbow Star Earrings that become the focal point of my look- rather than lots of stacks and layers. If my outfit is the point of interest then I’ll pair a dainty necklace like our Crystal Leaf Pendant Necklace with our Moon Drop Studs for a more pared back jewellery look.


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