Layered Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces like a pro

Layering necklaces is all about creating balance- balancing the right necklace lengths, pendant shapes, materials and colours effectively.

You're aiming for a graduated look so varying the necklace lengths here is key.

Choose Your Base Necklace

Start with a neckline hugging simple chain- this creates the base of your necklace stack. This will always be a 40cm necklace known as a choker necklace though it's not actually a choker. Our Terese Cable Chain Necklace is a great option here, as is our Moon & Stars Necklace.

Choker Necklace

Pair With a Pendant Necklace

This is the interesting layer which is uniquely you. Add in your favourite pendant: a birthstone, a religious symbol or an on trend fashion option. We've just launched our gorgeous new Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace which makes a great statement pendant.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

Add in a Longer Length 

You could always stop at step number two- you've already created a layered necklace look here after all. If not add in a longer length by using the extension chain on our necklaces, so that a third necklace or pendant sits slightly lower than the second layer. If you're feeling brave here, you could even add in a different metal colour.

Multilayer Necklaces

For those mornings where there just isn't time for all those steps, why not simply try one of our multilayer necklaces which take the work out of layering for you?

Necklace Set


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