Behind the Sparkle #1

Your monthly look at the life of a small business owner

This year it was time to do things differently

In addition to running a small business and being a mum to a little girl (hashtag mumlife- many of you know the drill!) I also manage a chronic illness.

fashion jewellery onlineI live with endometriosis, a condition that causes severe pelvic pain if not properly managed. It currently has no cure. I’ve had two operations, take hormone treatments and pain killers daily to manage my pain levels... and pretty much just manage things best I can.

With all these plates I’m spinning you better believe that when I’m not taking care of myself and pain flare up is on the horizon- and I've had plenty since starting Rock Paper Roses. Sometimes they can last weeks at a time.

So going into 2019, I knew it was time to work smarter not harder. In February I signed up with Think Digital First to study a digital marketing course for online businesses. Yep, taking on a business course as well did seem pretty crazy, but it’s been the right thing to do. 

The course basically plugged gaps in my knowledge and helped me to retrain in some areas. It’s taken up a big chunk of the first part of this year, which is why I’ve held off launching new jewellery, why I’ve been posting less on social media. But it's been worth it- I feel more confident and better equipped to run this show!fashion jewellery online

As part of the course, I spent some time really looking at what Rock Paper Roses stands for.

In line with that, I decided to change up our photography style. I enlisted Anneli Marinovich, a lifestyle photographer and personal branding expert. Together we worked with a pastel colour palette and new vision for Rock Paper Roses- clean simple design, a minimal take on fashion jewellery.

It’s been exciting to see that come to life in a new set of images- with me at as the model. (More about that in a later post!)

So that brings you up to speed. There’s lots of new jewellery coming at you, exciting new content, new images, more on-trend styling tips.

Are you excited for the new season? I know I am!

Image 1 by Kate Luscombe Photography, image 2 by Anneli Marinovich