Your Jewellery Styling Tips & Tricks

August 2019

Hairstyles for Statement Earrings

Gold statement earrings

This month we’re working with the summer heat. Rather than scraping your hair away in a hastily done pony tail, try these fab statement hairstyles that work with your statement jewellery and really elevate your look.

The sleek side parting

This is super trendy right now and a nice easy one.

Slightly exaggerate how you part your hair weighting it to one side. Apply a little smoothing polish and shine spray to create that sleek look. Then tuck the lower side behind your ear to show off your earring. 

statement earrings

The Casual Up-do

Ok, so with heat waves a pretty regular feature of a UK summer, the last thing you want is to have hair around your neck.

How about a casual up-do and some fab sparkly ear climbers? Sweep your hair up in a pony and then knot the length around itself. 

statement earrings



The Centre Parting

Alternatively, part your hair in the centre and tuck both sides behind your ears. Hello earrings!

statement earrings

The Wispy Up-Do

Another good one for the summer, but slightly softer. Once again sweep the hair up and knot it, and then pull out a few wispy pieces to frame the face and around the ears.

fashion earrings

Half Top Knot

I just love this look, it's soft and fun and great for when you're in-between hair washes- the natural oils help keep the style in place.

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The slick-back look

Think this one is a little 90's? Yep, you're totally right, and as with all things 90's, is SO on-trend right now.

Brush back straightened hair from the centre, and apply a little polishing gel. Set with hair spray and a little gloss spray and let your earrings do the talking.

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