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How to create a jewellery capsule wardrobe

For me, jewellery is an integral part of my outfit. Just as I pick what clothes I'll wear, I plan what jewellery works best with the look.

This process is made easier by my jewellery capsule wardrobe, that is, a small selection of my treasured, go-to pieces that work well worn together. They are also versatile enough that I can add in statement pieces for almost any occasion.

So here are my guidelines on how to build your very own jewellery capsule wardrobe.

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Choose your base metal

“I ONLY wear silver”, “I can’t wear gold, it comes up too yellow on my skin tone”. Sound familiar?

We all have a preferred metal tone, (check out my article on finding the right metal for your skin tone to colour match yours). It’s great to go with your instinct and build your collection around your metal tone of choice. This is so that you can develop a cohesive collection. It eliminates confusion when buying jewellery and it helps other people buy for you.

That being said, I’m a great fan of mixing metals occasionally. I like to put together a rose gold piece with something silver for example. I always keep this look quite minimal though.

And feel free to do the same- mixing metals is a real trend at the moment, and after all, it’s your look to curate!

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Make sure your jewellery capsule collection contains some classic pieces- like our elegant Moon Drop Studs

Choose one piece per category

Now you can build a starter collection of base pieces, made up of one item per jewellery category- so one bracelet, one necklace, and so on. Really, these pieces are your capsule collection and they eventually become the pieces you’ll reach for everyday.

And because you’ve built a cohesive collection around your choice of metal tone, wearing these items- even when you’re on the school run or grabbing a coffee, will always mean you look so put together!

Mix and match your statement pieces

For me, this is where the outfit curation really comes in. I have an outfit in mind, I have my jewellery capsule wardrobe ready. Now, which pair of statement earrings will make the whole look pop? Or, perhaps I’ll layer a couple of necklaces over my capsule pendant necklace?

I always say you should only really wear one piece of statement jewellery whatever the occasion- this avoids your look becoming cluttered. Your jewellery capsule wardrobe then sits nicely against the whole look.

So that’s really all there is to it. There's no right or wrong here, your capsule collection is individual to you. You can even create your wardrobe around milestones, particularly when you are gifted jewellery for special occasions- this just builds even more meaning into your collection.

However you do it, investing in a jewellery capsule wardrobe is really worthwhile, if like me, you absolutely love jewellery. And you'll treasure those pieces for years to come.

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