How to style your occasion wear with jewellery- a simple party season capsule wardrobe

There is a lot of pressure at this time of year to come up with different party outfits. But there really is no need to spend a lot of money, IF you're clever with your accessories.

So here are 3 simple outfit ideas complete with the jewellery you need to add. You'll be ready for the ball in no time!

Multirow layered necklace

The first thing they see

Is usually your earrings- they frame the face and complete your look.

OUTFIT IDEA: Opt for a simple silk cami that can be tucked into smart jeans or black trousers (TIP: this takes you straight from the office to the bar). You can throw a blazer over this look- the high street is currently heaving with lots of lovely blazers for every budget. Add some leopard print stiletos or ankle boots for that extra bit of wow.

JEWELLERY LOOK: What takes this look from zero to 100 is the earrings you add. Shop our statement earrings to play with colours, shapes, structure and different metal tones. Their glamour offsets the simplicity of your outfit. Swap in different coloured camis or cashmere jumper for your next night out- done! 

charm bracelet

Arm Candy

Your hand is going to be slightly raised all evening, holding a wine glass. So create a gorgeous bracelet stack and flash that arm candy!

OUTFIT IDEA: The midi skirt trend is so fab because it's so versatile. You can do it one of two ways for an evening out. Pair a tulle skirt (there are some great ones on ASOS at the moment) with a printed tee- so glam on the bottom, relaxed at the top. Conversely, you could pair a black pleated midi skirt with a sequined or sparkley top. Push the sleeves up to your elbow- don't worry, this IS a thing, it's not just for Miami Vice. Now add in your playful bracelet stack.

JEWELLERY LOOK: Mix metals, shapes and motifs for a really unique look that no one else will have!

layered necklace

That layered life

You cannot be more on-trend right now than with layered necklaces. This look has been all over Instagram for a while, but it's really starting to hit the high street now.

OUTFIT IDEA: I would suggest a V or scooped neck for maximum impact here, but really, it looks just as effective over a gorgeous crew neck top or peaking out of a silk shirt collar- that's how versatile a look this is! 

JEWELLERY LOOK: We have a longer blog post on how to layer necklaces. But as a quick tip: Start with a longer length necklace of around 55/60cm in length, that holds a unique pendant. Then add in your favourite 40/45cm length necklace with pendant. As with a bracelet stack, what makes this look interesting and unique to you is the different pendants you add in- they become real talking points!

So get out there and sparkle this party season! Mix up your accessories and create some looks that are fabulous and unique!

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