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Your Daily Jewellery Routine

With so much jewellery to choose from these days, it can be confusing to know what pieces to wear. From statement pieces to the ones that tell a story about you, this is our edit on how to style your jewellery.

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A basic structure to your jewellery look, is to put on your 'second-skin jewellery', and then add one statement piece of jewellery that is the focal point of your look.

So first up, is your second skin jewellery. These are the pieces you find yourself reaching for everyday without fail- you wear them so often they become like a second skin to you.

This might include a necklace that was a milestone birthday gift; your wedding and engagement rings or a friendship ring. A classic watch might certainly feature. Wearable tech is an accessory feature for many people these days, so a fitness tracker might be one of your go-to items. Wear these items everyday- they tell a story about who you are. 


Once you’ve adorned your treasured everyday pieces, you can then add in your statement jewellery.

Now statement doesn’t always mean chunky and loud- statement jewellery can be small but elegant. So we're talking about that one piece that adds a bit of interest to your outfit, and brings your whole look together. Less is always more with statement accessories, so we tend to stick to one item. Coco Chanel famously said: Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.” Wise words indeed! Make sure each piece you're wearing adds value to your look.


Remember that a statement piece will draw the eye to wherever it’s placed. So if you’re in between manicures, you might not want an oversized ring to be your statement piece of the day! 

And yes, you can add a statement piece to your work wear look. Done right, it can add a touch of elegance to an otherwise pared back look. 

If you work in quite a smart environment, then add some gorgeous studs for an expensive look to your shirt or blouse; or an interesting pendant to peek through your collar. Opt for fine metals like platinum or rhodium plating- these give an exquisite shine. Earrings or necklaces with a Swarovski elements are great to give that hint of polish.

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Avoid anything too fussy like tassel earrings or lots of coloured Indian bangles for work. Your work wear jewellery needs to be simple and not too distracting. A few elegant bracelets will look stunning sitting on your wrist and peeking out of a sleeve.


Most of us tend to work in smart-casual work environments these days, but you can still follow these guidelines for this setting-  it’s all about little touches of sparkle that add polish and suggest elegance.

For your more relaxed days, the two-step rule- a statement piece with your second-skin jewellery still applies. Whatever your fashion style, adding some stacking bracelets, a simple choker or a pretty pendant necklace to your second-skin jewellery can look interesting and add effortless style on days when you just want to throw on some jeans and a fluffy jumper.

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Always look to your own sense of fashion and style for your accessorising cues. If you love a scarf, add some earrings- they frame the face. Warm toned metals like yellow and rose gold work beautifully if you love floral prints and floaty styles, as do simple beads. 

And don't be afraid to mix metals! Back in the 90's, there was a kind of unspoken rule that you never mixed gold with silver, and hence silver grew in popularity massively as the most versatile metal to wear. But with the onset of boho style and more relaxed jewellery dressing, it's become perfectly acceptable to wear silver earrings with a gold watch, for example. Aim to group together metal tones and you'll avoid your look becoming too confused.

An obvious way to make a statement with your jewellery is to go bold and chunky! The weekends and evenings are a great time to experiment with slightly bolder pieces. Sticking to one, chunky focal piece will never fail you. Check out our 7 Rules to Wearing Statement Jewellery for more ideas.

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The key thing with styling your jewellery is to try. If you’re blinging-up too much, you’ll know, so trust your own instincts and just give it a go. Add one or two interest pieces to your second skin jewellery, and you’ve got the basis of a great jewellery look.

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