How to create a sustainable jewellery collection

Sustainability has become a fashion industry buzzword, and with good reason. These days we’ve all become accustomed to buying- and throwing away- more clothes and accessories than ever before. But at what cost to the planet?

So how can we be more environmentally friendly when it comes to our jewellery collections? After all, the metals in our jewellery are using the earth's resources.

silver charm bracelet

Create an investment collection

Put together a collection of classic go-to pieces that work well when worn together, and that are versatile enough to add in statement pieces for any occasion. In other words, create a capsule collection.

While it’s really tempting to pick up a pair of fun fashion earrings at the supermarket, it’s so important to consider how long it’s going to be until they end up on the charity shop pile.

Invest in good quality metals

How often have you thrown away a piece of jewellery where the plating has come off, or worse that irritates your skin?

Always check what metal your jewellery is made of, and always ensure that it’s hypoallergenic- meaning that it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Secondly, make sure that it is lead compliant- meaning that it is free of lead, nickel and cadmium, compounds which are found in most metals. 

All our jewellery is either made from sterling silver, alloy, stainless steel or brass.

sterling silver bracelet

Lab grown or ethically sourced stones

Diamonds are not a girls’ best friend if someone has had to suffer in the production of them. There are negative consequences to the diamond industry, for example when they’ve been mined in war zones and sold to finance illegal or illicit activities.

You can check guidelines on how to buy an ethical diamond or go for lab grown stones like the ones we use. AAA zircons have all the lustre and shine of a diamond without the ethical – and financial cost.

Recycle at a reputable jeweller

Of course there are times when we simply do want to part with a piece of jewellery. If that’s the case, and it’s made from a solid metal like sterling silver or real gold, check with a local jeweller as to whether they can take it off your hands and recycle it. If it’s made from a quality metal, this should be an option.