Your Jewellery Road Map into Spring

The great thing about jewellery is that it adds a quick pick me up to any outfit- even one you’ve worn on repeat. Jewellery is also a great talking point. (“Your necklace is so unusual, where’s it from?!) so it’ll take the attention away from our outgrown hairstyles as we start to come out of lockdown!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on how to use your jewellery to spruce up your look- and which jewellery items to wear.

Always Add Earrings

There’s something about a great pair of earrings that just finish off any outfit, as well as add a little sparkle and polish. With the huge popularity of selfies, earrings have become a staple- your earrings are the most noticeable part of your look in any photo. And a GREAT pair of earrings- well that’ll bring your whole look together and the make the photo pop.

Champagne Star Earrings
Champagne Star Earrings, £19

If you’re feeling bold, go statement and unusual- our Champagne Star Earrings and Rainbow Star Earrings are a great option here. Or a midi sized earring like our Drop Spike Earrings add a peak of glam and edginess. And if you just want a little delicate finishing touch, go for our Paloma Huggie Earrings.

Dress Your Decolletage

Now I love a cosy rollneck jumper as much as anyone. But isn’t so lovely to be able to bear a little skin – even in the cooler temperatures of the British Springtime?! If you’ve got a chunky knit cardi over a scoop neck top, so much the better- and get those pretty necklaces outand layer them up! We have a whole blog post on how to layer necklaces and the how to choose necklace lengths.

In the meantime, why not check out our NEW Thea Triple Layer Necklace Set? It’s three individual necklaces and takes all the work out of layering.

Triple Layer Necklace Set
Thea Triple Layer Necklace & Pendant Set £30

The Power of a Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is a quick way to add some ‘pow’ and glam to your look. Pop on one of our statement chain necklaces to instantly elevate any look- even a sweatshirt.

Statement Chain Necklaces

Adina Interlock Chain Necklaces £24 each


Try a different metal colour

Contrary to popular opinion, you CAN mix metals and you might just be able to wear a metal tone you hadn’t considered. So many people stick to silver because it’s a ‘safe’ metal colour that generally looks good on anyone. But did you know that if you have pale undertones you can wear gold?

Opt for 9kt or 14kt gold and your skin won’t appear pasty or sallow, and avoid 18kt gold which has a much warmer yellow tone to it and this can make this tone look washed out. Check out our blog post "How to choose Jewellery that suits your Skintone" for our comprehensive guide.

Grab your Hoop Earrings

And lastly, if in doubt just grab some hoop earrings and you're always good to go. The bigger the better but midi, delicate and huggie earrings work well too. Hoop earrings are an absolute classic and look great on everyone- proper instant glam!

Hoop Earrings

Large Kora Hoop Earrings, £20

Have fun with your jewellery as we finally ditch the joggers and start to venture back out. Remember that the right piece of well placed jewellery can transform any outfit!


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